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Especially 4 Paws Dog Walking and Pet Sitting offers dog walking and pet sitting services in Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Richfield, North Royalton, Seven Hills, Independence.

December 2, 2019

One of the biggest fears of any pet owner is having our fur-kid turn up missing. It’s heart wrenching. We then turn to neighbors and family and friends to help put up fliers and post/share on social media. We call the shelters and even the police to see if they picked...

October 14, 2019

Just like our K9 friends, it is often necessary to switch our cat's food type/brand. This can be for a number of different reasons: from the normal transition from kittenhood, into adulthood, then senior status, to conditions or illnesses that require therapeutic diets...

October 7, 2019

We have had several families adopt a new puppy for their house. We are also about to adopt a new fur-kid! Several people have reached out and asked for strategies to curtail destructive chewing, both for puppies as well as adult dogs. We have read a number of articles,...

October 3, 2019

We are very happy to announce another addition to our sitter/walker team: Welcome Kristen! You can read about her in her own words below:

We are always looking for great people to work with our company. If you would like to turn your passion for pets into paychecks, go...

October 1, 2019

You may have heard or seen some recent coyote activity. We have heard them a few times at night the past couple of weeks. Fall has some increased coyote activity, as the more mature pups start to break out to hunt on their own and move away from their family dens.

For t...

August 26, 2019

As pet care providers, as well as owners ourselves, we watch our pups age. Watching your fur-kid slow down can be tough. Just like us humans, our 4-legged family members can get age related conditions, like arthritis.

This article, 10 Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog, from...

August 19, 2019

We have all enjoyed the convenience of dryer sheets at some point. Who doesn't love getting static free clothes with a pleasant scent out of the dryer? But did you know that they can have a negative impact on your pets?

Mary Marlowe Leverette is one of the industry...

November 30, 2016

We know you are still working on Thanksgiving leftovers, but its time to think about the next batch of holidays!

We are currently working on the schedules for the winter holidays. If you haven't already, please check your schedule and book any reservations for the wee...

November 25, 2016