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We are currently NOT accepting new DOG SITTING clients.
We have LIMITED cat sitting availability for NEW CLIENTS.

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Here’s the perfect opportunity for us to meet you and your pets! This meeting allows us to familiarize ourselves with your pet’s environment. During the consultation, your pet profile is reviewed with information regarding your pet’s daily routine, food, veterinarian care, medication and emergency contact information. This information stays on file so we have it ready for future bookings.


Animal Kingdom

In-Home Pet Visits

These visits include feeding, fresh water, administering medication, exercise, cleaning litter boxes and playtime.  When we visit your pet, we provide loving attention for your precious companion up to four times daily.  Perfect for vacations or a long day at the office. Visits average 30 minutes and are scheduled on an as needed basis, Monday through Sunday, 365 days a year. We also offer 15, 45, and 60 minute visits.


Walking with Dogs

Work Week Walks

If your time is limited due to work or other Mid-day activities, then this walking service is for you.  Work week walks are an opportunity to exercise and reward your faithful companion to keep him happy & healthy! Visits are 30 minutes and have a discounted rate. They require a minimum commitment of 3 days per week with at least a two month booking.  Offered Monday through Friday. We also offer 15, 45, and 60 minute walks.



Puppy Playtime

Have a new addition to the family & need some help?  We will come over to give your puppy that much needed potty break to help with house training.  Furthermore, we will play and reinforce commands that your pup has yet to master.  Visits are 30 minutes Monday through Friday & require a minimum commitment of 3 days per week with at least a two month booking. We also offer 15, 45, and 60 minute visits.


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Predeparture Meeting

Add a new member to the family?New medication being used for your pet? Update to the household routine? These meetings give you or your pet(s) the chance to get reacquainted and updated in person with your sitters. 


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Pet Chauffeur

Whether your pet needs to go to the veterinarian, groomer, daycare or boarding we will gladly pick up your pet and get him to the proper destination.  Round-trip transportation is available. *Pricing may vary based on location, number of pets and holidays.

minimum $28


House Check-Ins

Do you have your pets with you on your trip? This service will provide peace of mind that your house and property are safe and that everything is in order. We will stop by and examine the property, check all rooms, bring in mail and papers, water plants, and just make sure you come home to a house that is shipshape.


Dog House

Key Pick up/Drop Off

Picking up and dropping off keys.


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