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Experience Our Service with Our Mobile App

Have you downloaded our MOBILE APP yet? While our client web portal is an awesome resource, you may not be at a computer when you need to request services or make a payment. We believe the best way to experience our service is with our mobile app and highly recommend our clients install it on their smartphones.

Conversations and Visit Logs

Conversations and visit logs make it easy for you to communicate with your sitters and the business office, as well as see in real time how the visit went with your crew! After finishing a visit - our team will send pictures, notes and even a visit report card to you. You can read the update, see the great pictures, see who conducted the visit, and respond in real time!

My Info

You have a lot of information to share with us so we can care for your property. You can review this info and make updates on that information right from your phone!


Information on the humans isn’t the only data (or most important) required. You also can update this information in real time from the App so we have access to the most accurate info.


The process of requesting services needs to be easy for you. That’s why visits can be requested right from the App! You can also view all of the scheduled visits and submit change requests from your phone as well!


When it comes time to making a payment - you want a simple, easy way to do so. You can view all of your open invoices from the App and make payments on one (or all) with just a couple touches. You can also leave a tip for a job well done and can manage your payment methods right from your phone!

We are very proud to be able offer this great resource. Again, we highly recommend that all our great clients install the App. It is available for Android and Apple devices. Just go to your respective app stores and search for Time to Pet. Once installed, it uses the same login info as the web portal.

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