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Why do dogs shred paper products?

As our puppy Paczki gets more comfortable in her environment, we’ve noticed some unwanted behaviors surfacing. The most recent behavior is her toilet papering the house! Yes, if she has access to the bathroom you bet she’ll unravel it or chew on a brand new role. Close the doors you say? Please keep in mind we have 2 children, 8 years old and 3. I’d like to say that they are experts in listening, but let’s be honest...closing a door is not a high priority for them. This is not our first run through with a puppy doing this either. Of course, it is frustrating and costly. No one wants a new role to go to waste, no pun intended.

So, what do we do? First, we need to understand why she is doing this. My money is on boredom and attention-seeking! Read the article, Why Do Dogs Shred Paper Products?,

to trouble-shoot this behavior and work on impulse control. Until then, keep the TP out of their reach should you forget to close the door!

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