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Why I started Especially 4 Paws?

I am similar to so many people who finish school and then end up having a job that does not quite go with their degree. I wanted to be a math teacher and a coach. Although I never had my own classroom, I did get a taste of both worlds and realized it was not the right fit for me.

Spending time with my dog, Zoey, was what fit the bill. I thought if I could do something that revolved around her that life would be more satisfying. What could I do though? I could work at a vet office, but I wasn’t sure that was the path I wanted. Then things just started to fall into place. An advertisement for starting your own pet sitting business. This was a world I had not heard of, pet sitting. I could create a business that would care for people’s pets! Crazy? Sure, ask my dad.

Zoey was the inspiration for Especially 4 Paws Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. I fell in love with the idea of being able to be there and care for people’s furry companions: feathered and scaly friends too. The office would be the outdoors and I would have the greatest co-workers ever, your pets. We provide in-home service so that your pet(s) can stay in the comfort of their own home. No more kennels or having to transport your pet(s), if it was not right for your family. When you are done with your day or trip, those beautiful babies will be right at home waiting for you. There were only a handful of people and businesses that provided pet sitting and dog walking when I first began. Here we are, 19 years later, serving Broadview Heights, Brecksville, Richfield, Independence and as many of the surrounding communities that we can reach. We provide daily dog walking, cat sitting, pet sitting when you travel for work or pleasure, and house sitting for the snow birds. More importantly, we provide reliable, love and attention to pets and homes that you cannot put a price tag on.

I could not be prouder of all the families and pets that we have connected with and cared for over the years. The firsts being Hershey, Allie, Bailey, Kurtis, Sebastian, Maddie, Pepper, Lucky and so many more. The pack continues to grow and we feel honored to work with the families who choose Especially 4 Paws. I am beyond grateful for the team of sitters that we have who help us carry out our mission of providing individual, loving attention for your precious companions. For those of you who are part of our pack, just know we are grateful for your trust. For those of you who are not part of the pack just yet…tails are wagging and we look forward to meeting you!


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