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Welcome Katie!

We are so happy to introduce Katie as our newest walker/sitter! Please join us in saying welcome! Here is a little about Katie, in her own words...

P.S. If you would like to join our crew of dedicated professionals and turn your passion for pets into paychecks, check out our jobs sections HERE

Hi there, my name’s Katie! I’ve lived in Broadview Heights for almost fifteen years and am a graduate of Franciscan University where I majored in English writing. I’m working on some various creative fiction projects. I’ve loved animals my whole life (my childhood nickname was Biscuit) and I’ve worked with caring for dogs and cats for a couple of years. My family adopted our first Rhodesian Ridgeback when I was five years old, and these days I have my handsome Ridgeback named Kolbe who is one hundred pounds of goofy (though often anxious) personality! Social or shy, anxious or energetic, I have found a friend in all kinds of animals. I look forward to working with whatever kinds of dogs, kitties, or otherwise that I may meet going forward so that your pets can be happy and healthy while you’re away!

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