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Pet Sitting v. Pet Boarding

You’re going away for business, vacation, a wedding, or a family reunion. You know you will have a great time once you get there, but the travel plans can be stressful! This goes double for pet owners who have to plan for the care of their fur-babies.

So what is the best care for your pet if you are unable to take them with you? The two most common options are Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding. Both have pros and cons. You might think that as a pet sitting business we would advise against boarding, but that is not the case. We only want what is best for your pets, and sometimes that truly is a boarding environment. So how do you make that decision? Here are a list of pros and cons for each option:

Pet Sitting


Less stressful for pets to remain in familiar surroundings and routines.

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, staying at home may be just what they need to reduce the stress of you leaving. They can sleep on their own beds and have the familiar sights, sounds and smells of home. They don’t have to worry about the loud environment of a boarding facility. They will also be able to keep their normal feeding and potty routines.

Your home is monitored and looks lived in.

This is a big plus for many people. Lights can be rotated, we can bring in mail and packages, and we help minimize catastrophic property issues (like coming home to burst pipes because the furnace broke).

Specialized, individual one-on-one attention.

The entire service is focused on your pets. In home care ensures a one-on-one interaction where your animal is the center of attention. E4P will assign you a primary and secondary sitter, whom you would meet at your consultation. No other people from our company will be at the house. A pet sitter can make it easier to ensure special directions and needs are met. With our company, you will be able to tell and show your sitters everything about your needs at your consult, as well as having direct access to your digital pet profile. This allows you to make changes to instructions on the fly.

Reduces exposure to common kennel diseases.

If you have multiple pets in your household, pet sitting can be a more affordable option to get your crew looked after.


Inviting a stranger into your home.

This can be a major issue for many clients. E4P tries to eliminate this as much as possible by allowing you to meet the people coming to your home. Again, we limit the number of sitters on your property by assigning a primary and secondary sitter. Our sitters are vetted, bonded, and insured.

If your pet needs let out for frequent bathroom breaks a pet sitter can be rather expensive.

Pet related property damage.

Pets with severe cases of separation anxiety, or are younger and have a ton of energy, can cause destruction and damage to the home when your sitter is not present.

If you have an especially protective dog, a stranger coming into your home while you’re away could cause a big problem. Even though they would have met their sitters before you

leave, encountering someone newer on their territory can trigger protective dogs. Make sure that your pet is the kind that will welcome a pet sitter.

Pet Boarding


Pet boarding can be less expensive if you only have one pet when compared to paying by the visit.

Well run facilities have 24 hour monitoring.

Supervised socialization with other pets.

No strangers coming to your home.


While your pets basic needs will be met (food, water, bathroom), they will not necessarily get one-on-one, individualized attention.

Some kennels charge extra for additional play time, let outs or walks. Those extra charges can add up quickly.

Changes in routine can upset some pets.

Kennels run on a schedule that may not be normal to your pet. Also, the noise and activity can be stressful for some animals. The aftermath of a kennel stay, can be more trouble on your pet's system than it's worth.

Chance of injury from self-trauma or altercations with other boarders.

Risk of illness from exposure to other pets.

Just like our human kids, pets can get common illnesses when exposed to others. Even the best run, cleanest facilities can have outbreaks.

Can be more expensive if you have multiple pets.

If you need help deciding which option is right for you and your pet, please reach out to us! We will work with you to make the best possible choice!


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