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Dog Arthritis Tips

As pet care providers, as well as owners ourselves, we watch our pups age. Watching your fur-kid slow down can be tough. Just like us humans, our 4-legged family members can get age related conditions, like arthritis.

Slim down your elderly dog

If your dog is overweight, commit to helping her slim down. Extra weight places extra strain on joints, worsening the pain of arthritis. Feeling guilty because your dog is looking longingly at her food bowl? Mix a little pumpkin (unsweetened, not canned) into her dinner; it’s healthy, low cal, and will help her feel full.

Gentle exercise to loosen your arthritic dog's joints

Your dog absolutely still needs regular exercise—it is a must—to keep her moving and from stiffening up, just make sure it’s controlled, gentle, low impact, and short in duration.

Ramps & pet steps

Help your arthritic dog get up steps, on to a bed, or in and out of cars with a ramp or pet steps.

Canine massage

Massage eases sore muscles, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress for both the giver and receiver. Plus, it’s a great for bonding and a wonderful way to check in with your older dog, enabling you to note any new lumps, bumps or sore places. For a canine massage how-to illustrating four techniques to help your dog rest, relax, and rejuvenate, go to


CBD has been found to reduce inflammation which in return causes pain levels to deteriorate. We all want our pets to be active and healthy. Pain and inflammation can affect dogs tremendously, and CBD can give your dog the pain relief to start moving again. When your dog isn't feeling pain and exercising more, they'll build the muscles needed to naturally strengthen problem areas. Learn more about what CBD is and how it can help your dog here.

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