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Is Peanut Butter Safe for Your Dog?

Have you introduced a lick mat to your pup? Maybe you use the homemade lick mat for them,secured saran wrap with peanut butter smeared on it. Have you filled those hollow bones or kongs with peanut butter? It is a common treat that is utilized to keep dogs occupied, aka mental stimulation. Yesterday was also International Peanut Butter Day so let’s take a look.

Peanut Butter can be safe when given in moderation, but you do need to read the labeled ingredients. There are plenty of brands out there that contain the ingredient, Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute. This is dangerous for dogs and can cause hypoglycemia(low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure and even be fatal. Here’s some food for thought(Yes, pun intended) from the AKC on should they eat it, how much they should eat, and how xylitol, if ingested, can affect your dog.


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